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Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Deacon's Male Bag!!!

Yo Crackahs! Yo Homeys! Yo Hoze!


And lest we forget:

How about a special Wassup? to all you fertilizer fragrance, Geographically ignorant, monkey-water drinkin', Harlequin-Troubador DIX who just don't get it, but are here readin', just the same!

Today we're gonna spend some kwality time answerin' the questions submitted by my loyal readers. Now remember: If you gots a wine question you need answerin', you can always email it to the L. Ron Hubbard of Wine, Deacon Dr. Fresh at:

Here's the first question of the day...

Dear Deacon: I love your website and your advice is fantastic! My question concerns Yellowtail. What do you think about it? - Kirstie S. Chatham, Ontario

Good Question Kirstie! I think Yellowtail is fantastic! Especially if you love peckerjank, mofo, crackerpecker, penus-water wine! In my humble (but correct) opinion, Yellowtail Chardonnay tastes like a chemistry set, while Yellowtail Shiraz tastes like rum and coke. There are way better inexpensive wines out there. I recommend you buy Billy Munnelly's excellent book for some very nice replacements as soon as the 2007 issue comes out.

Here's his website to purchase it:

Dear Dr. Fresh: Are you just the lurchest dude out there? Thanks for rescuing wine from the crackers and dix! - Suzanne J. Niagara-on-the-Lake

Yes Suzanne. I am the lurchest of all.

Dear Dr. Fresh: I'm having ribs tomorrow and need a good red. What pairs best with ribs? Should I go with Cab Franc? - J. Samarthwani Brampton, Ontario

No, no, a billion times no! With ribs, always go with a good California Zinfandel. The jammy quality will go really lurch with the barbecue flavours.

Yo Babe: I'm really stressed-out that I wasn't chosen as the Deacon's Wine Babe of 2006, but Doris whatsername beat me. I think I should be runner-up at least! (Pictures enclosed) - Jennifer "Chotzi" Rosen Colorado

Yo Chotzi! Great pix! What say we just call you the lurchest American Wine Babe?

Dear Deacon: A homey o' mine just took a 9 mm slug in the back of his leg. What's the best wine to help him out? - Rozeen Diego, President for Life, South Central Wine Posse Los Angeles, California

Rozeen: Gotta go with the Yellowtail. Wash the wound out well once you get the cap out of there. But whatever you do, don't drink it!

Well, that's all for today. Remember:

You can always write to the Deacon....

You heard me.

Deacon Dr. Fresh
Winemaster of the Octagon
Neck-crankin' the mofos and crackerpeckers so you don't gots to!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Coyote's Run Does it Again with Killer Pinot Noir!

Yo my dear Homeys and Homegirlz!

I'm sittin' in Deacon Mansion, deep in the heart of Scarlem, drinkin' a glass of the red stuff, listenin' to the warm sound of gunfire outside, and writin' you you, my fanz and consistently overjoyed admirers.

And let's not forget all you overworkin', gerkin jerkin', Beaches livin', Bono worshippin', finger givin', no-parkin', Beemer drivin', roller-bladin' Dickaholix, who still tune in like clockwork, even though you'll never have a chance in hell of understandin' what I'm on about!


I'm here on this reasonably chilly night, to congratulate Jeff and Patti Aubry for yet another great and well-deserved award. It seems that Coyote's Run Estate Winery has done it again. (It was actually Tony Aspler who put your Deacon onto Coyote's Run, back in 2004). A while back your humble Deacon raved about their remarkable Bob Izumi Red. For those of you who don't remember, Coyote's Run is a boutique style winery that makes small batch wines to ensure exsepshunal kwality. Well Jeff Aubry just emailed your humble Deacon to give him a heads up. It seems like Winemaker David Sheppard has coaxed another great wine out of the Heartbreak Grape. Here's the official press release, which you didn't see because you aren't the Deacon and wern't on the official list:

Pinot Noir of the Year awarded to Coyote’s Run for second year in a row!


October 20 2006 – Coyote’s Run Estate Winery has once
again won the prestigious ‘Pinot Noir of the Year’ award at the recently announced 2006
Canadian Wine Awards for their Gold Medal winning 2004 Black Paw Vineyard Pinot
Noir. This is the second year in a row the relatively new winery has claimed this top
award, winning for the 2003 Reserve Pinot Noir in the 2005 Canadian Wine Awards.
“It is quite an honour to win this prestigious award, and we are very excited to win for
the second consecutive time. I think it speaks volumes about the quality of Pinot Noir
from our vineyard, and Niagara in general. This truly is a place to make worldclass
Pinot” said Winemaker David Sheppard.

Yes it is! says the Deacon. Coyote's Run is blessed with 2 types of clay running through their 58 acres, giving 2 different characters to their wines.

You can buy Coyote's Run's amazing wines at the winery shop or order online from:

Check it out homeys! This is a wine that's too good to miss. Your humble Deacon visited Jeff and Patti this summer and sampled a lot of their wares. Their Bob Izumi Red is delectable too.

Buy some! You'll thank me. Just as I am

You heard me.

Great work, and congratulations to Coyote's Run Estate Winery!

...and yes Virginia...there really are coyotes there.

Deacon Dr. Fresh

Huge fan of the Pinot Noir Grape

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Deacon Wine Awards for 2006!

Yo Yo Yo and Yo Ho Ho! Especially to my Homeys and Hoze, and all my fanz who lub the Deacon! Also a special Argh! to my Pirate Crue, the Legion of Lurch.

And lest we forget:

Wassup? to all you wannabee, jank bucket, semi-retarded, gonad scrubbin', Bono worshippin', scrotal exfoliatin' DIX who still don't get it, but tune in none-the-less!

Today we gots somethin' special for y'all!

Fall weather is here, and tis time for the Deacon Wine Awards of 2006!

Now I know a lot of you peckerdine crackers are scared that you might not win. But don't fret. There's always next year, and as always...this was a close one in some areas...

First up: We're gonna look at the Best Sommelier for 2006!

Now there were many recommendations, but the winner just has to be...

The Hungarian Hitman, the 007 of Wine...Zoltan Szabo!!!

Zoltan wins again for general knowledge and lookin' lurcher than any of you mofo peckerdines!

This brings us to our next category...Lurchest Babe in the Wine Industry!

Your Deacon just gots to go with Doris Miculan-Bradley, for bein' lurch with a capital L! (Does the CN Tower realize what a frickin' fire hazard this woman is?)

Next we get to Most Well Loved Person in the Industry...and the winner hands down is...

Billy Munnelly! Everybody loves this guy! And rightly so. Billy practically invented anti-deconstructionism!

and now...Restaurant of the Year....

and the Winner is...A TIE!!!!

Sette Mezzo and 5th Elementt share the Award for quality of food and incredible service! Y'all check them out, crackahs!

And now the Award for Nicest Sales-Guy/Marketer or Sales-Babe at a winery...and the winner is...

Doug Beatty of Colio Estate Wines! Doug has shown himself to be a man of class and style, although his memory occasionally fails him...

And now...Winemaker of the Year! And this year it's got to be...

Stratus' J.L. Groulx, for bein' too frickin' lurch for his own good! How about that Cab Franc?

Now we get to Wine Writer of the Year...and by unanimous acclaim, the Winner is the Lurchman Himself, Deacon Dr. Fresh...because no other wine writer can beat His Excellency, hand-to-hand in the Octagon!

For the Award of Worst Restaurant Reviewer of 2006, let's go no further than Amy Pataki of the Toronto Star! Congratulations Amy! You deserve it!

And we wait with baited breath for Winery of the Year!

This is a difficult one. There are many fine wineries who made the final cut; Colio, Peninsula Ridge, Cave Spring and Stratus, to name just a few. Ontario's doin' real well these days, as is BC...but I have to give the Award for Best Winery of 2006 to...

Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery! The Speck brothers win for consistent product, attention to detail and just being nice effing guys!!! Their Baco Noir, Pinot Noir and Unoaked Chardonnay won this contest for them hands down. There aren't many wineries out there that can do whites and reds with equal skill. Congratulations Henry of Pelham, and Congratulations to all our winners! You've made 2006 a great year!

By the way...AC/DC won best band again.

You heard me.

Deacon Dr. Fresh
Gangsta of the Grape

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Deacon Scores 5th Elementt a Perfect 10!

A rainy day hello to all my fanz, homeboys, homegirlz and hangers-on! A special Wassup to Rozeen Diego and the South Central Wine Posse, Billy Munnelly, Tony Aspler, and the Garry Kasparov of wine: Zoltan Szabo!


Yo too, to my hundreds of regular readers from Colorado to Prevessin France. (Remember to send me an email and I'll let you new readers know whenever I write another rich ramblin'.)
And lest we forget Amy Pataki and all you mofo, tinsel-brained, Yellow Tail drinkin', Beemer drivin', TV addicted, Prozac swallowin', flu-shot receivin', illiterate, self-important, peckerdine, DIX out there, who still don't understand what the Deacon's all about but tune in anyway 'cause you're scared of missin' somethin' good...

WASSUP to you too!

Well your Deacon is back in style! A while ago I was gonna write this fine article, but got bogged down because your Deacon gots assaulted! Now y'all know that anyone stupid enough to try to test the Deacon's mettle is gonna get his fricken neck cranked and sign up for the Wheelchair Olympics, so you know I ain't talkin' 'bout physical violence here. In fact, your Deacon has had no physical alterkashuns since he choked out Robert "Nosey" Parker in the MGM Grand Hotel Octagon last November. In reality, it was my computer that got hit with a massive cyber attack. Thanks to the ministrashuns of Ashley Milne at Midac Solutions, we're back and secure again. Anyway, the long and short of the story is I've been offline and couldn't write the review that you're about to read. So sit back with a glass of Madeira and enjoy my rich wit and glib argot...

It was a rainy day...

(Man I hate that stupid commercial!) Well, it was a rainy day, when the Deaconess and I accepted Zoltan Szabo's kind offer for lunch at 5th Elementt at 1033 Bay Street. The restaurant itself is tucked away on the East side of the street, just across from the University of Toronto. I dropped Herself off at the door and parked in an underground lot, conveniently located just a block North. When you pass through the door, you're immediately struck by the fine sense of style and line value. The music was soft and unobtrusive. (The only thing worse than eating in silence and listening to the clicking sounds in your own head is trying to eat while some mofo DJ is blasting Mariah Carey's particular brand of shrill backhouse wailin'). 5th Elementt is easy on the eyes too; translucent saffron screens, full-length windows and muted pumpkin and eggplant tones. It's no accident that the owner is trained in both design and fashion. It shows immediately.

Vijay Karumanchi is the consummate host; the epitome of the cultured and sophisticated modern Indian male. Tall and fashionable in tasteful black and white, he's an impressive figure who radiates serenity and relaxed control as he effortlessly walks the balance between modern urban life, and the millennia of wisdom and history that are India. He got the Deaconess and I settled in and although he didn't eat anything, he joined us at our table for the extravagant meal. Where do I start? Let's just say that if this is how 5th Elementt does lunch, I can't even imagine how frickin' lurch dinner must be! The restaurant is a first for Toronto, specializing in Indian/Meditteranean Fusion, and is amazing, the Toronto Star's Amy Pataki and her crackerdine "opinions" notwithstanding! This fine dining establishment might easily have been airlifted from New York, San Francisco, or some other gastronomic capital, it's that good! Amy apparently didn't like her meal though, and saw fit to give 5th Elementt a lousy review. What the hell does she do? Flip a coin and say "Tails! That means it's time to treat a fine restaurant, a great meal and a fantastic staff as though it was Mr Sub"?

Well I could go on a Deacon Rant here, but I'm not going to say that Amy Pataki's educated beyond her intelligence and drunk with the exercise of her meager "power". And I'm not going to say that her reviews are just cracker-jive, self-aggrandizing, jank-bucket swill! I'm not going to say that at all. I'll just keep my opinions to myself. Instead, I'll just say that I dissagree with her. I'll also say that despite the modern view that everything should be treated with "corners of the mouth turned down" distain, it's still actually ok to like things!

So where was I? Oh yeah the food!

The menu is spectacular, as is the incredibly diverse and flawlessly selected winelist created by Uber-Sommelier: Zoltan "Hungarian 007" Szabo. The waiter brought us two bottles of Norwegian bottled water, still and sparkling and asked for our orders. Overwhelmed by the gastronomic wealth of the menu, we asked Vijay to bring whatever he thought we should try in both the food and wine departments. Then it began to arrive...Hot, tiny wedges of fresh pita bread and home-made hummus. Then there was the salad...Julienne of mango tossed with slices of Clementine, mesclun and a masal dressing. Next were the huge and meaty New Zealand half-shell mussels cooked with exotic spices and herbs, coconut milk and tomatoes. Each and every flavour was drenched in complexity; new layers of olfactory and gustatory discovery with each bite. And then the main courses arrived...The Deaconess had Coriander Crusted Halibut Fillet, served with Semolina "Kitchiri" and drizzled with kozhambu and garnished with a fresh oyster (which I stole from her). You gotta realize, although I love shellfish, as a rule, I'm not crazy about fish with fins. Nevertheless, I loved this halibut. Perfectly cooked and as delicious and brilliant as you're ever gonna find. Paired with the fish was a glass of 2004 Sauvignon Blanc and Assyrtiko, by Pavlidis, Greece. Talk about lurch! The combination rocked my taste-buds! I was served a generous portion of Hyderabadi Lamb Shank, braised with whole garam masala, fresh herbs, red wine and caramelized onions, served on top of mashed potatoes and feta cheese! Unreal. The lamb was so tender (having been slow cooked for hours), you could actually cut it with a spoon. The waiter brought us a 2001 Amarone della Valpolicella Classico, Salvalai, Veneto. Between bites of lamb and gulps of the lush wine, my palate was drenched by a kaleidoscope of psychedelic flavours.

We were suitably stuffed, but Vijay wasn't going to let us escape without dessert. The Deaconess and I shared a huge order of Pineapple Halwa, which is pineapple boiled for about 200 hours in its own juice. The result is a concentrated and chewy burst of flavour that perfectly topped the meal. Chef Johnee Savarimuthu came out to meet the Deacon and Deaconess and we told him we weren't worthy of his magnificence, because he's an effing genius!

Listen to me homeys: Y'all gots to check out 5th Elementt. You're honestly gonna love it! The Deaconess is a food-snob par excellence and she gave it a Perfect 10, for decor, atmosphere, service and quality. If you're in the mood for a really creative and delicious meal that's gonna take your breath away and wake your tastebuds up from a long hibernation, look no further. Check out 5th Elementt. They're able to look after small as well as large corporate groups too. I'll say it again: You're gonna love it!

Here's their website:

Tell them the Deacon sent you.

Thanks Vijay, Johnee and Zoltan for a fabulous lunch!

Deacon Dr. Fresh
Gangsta of Cuisine and Culture

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This Just in: Szabo Event at Sette Mezzo!

Yo Homeboys and Hoze!

And of course all of you crackermouth, frostbitten, clock windin' DIX who still don't get it...

"Wassup?" to you too!

This just in from my Brother in Tannins, Zoltan "Hungarian 007" Szabo...
An event at Sette Mezzo will be held October 16 at 6:30 PM at 936 Eglinton Ave. West in Toronto, Ontario. Five-course menu of chef Zlatko Maric paired with cutting edge wines.
This affair is to commemorate the recent success of the new wine program at Sette Mezzo for receiving an Award of Excellence. Your host for the evening will be sommelier Zoltan Szabo of Szabo & Szabo Drinks Trade Consultants. The menu includes Organic greens with goat’s cheese and balsamic, duo of Penne Pomodoro and Risotto with saffron, duo of pan seared Tilapia Filet in a Gruner Vetliner lemon and Veal medallions ai Funghi, and by far the best homemade Tiramisu in town with fresh fruit. Two wines will be served to match each course.
Admission is $125 tax & gratuity included. For information, call Sol at 416-781-1717
or e-mail
I'm tellin' y'all...Check this one out! I'd be goin' myself if I wasn't gonna be out of town on business. I've been to lots of Szabo events and they're always Top Effin' Notch! Grab your sweetie and give her a great evening and learn about wine while you're at it. Sette Mezzo is a highly lurch establishment. Say "Wassup?" to Sol and tell him the Deacon sent you.
You heard me.
Deacon Dr. Fresh
Always alignin' with the Hungarians...

Monday, October 09, 2006

Update from His Excellency the Deacon!

Yo Yo Wassup Homeys and Hoze? You been missin' me for sure and I missed y'all too!
And in case you think I forgot:
A special "Wassup?" to all you Beaches livin', Beemer drivin', bag scratchin' DIX who give your kids stupid trendy names and live where there's no frickin' parking, just so you can say you live in "The Triangle" and hang around with other peckerwood peckerdine water peckers who are all a bunch of frickin' pecker-peckers and ought to just say "Kltpzyxm" and get out of my face for the next 90 days! (And those of you readin' this who actually get how frickin' creatively hilarious that last line was can get up off the floor now and applaud me!)
Much has occurred since your Main Man was last online. It was a good summer and one of the highlights needs to be acknowledged, so put on some Acca Dacca or Led Zep and settle in with the Winemaster of the Web...
A few weeks back, me and Her Excellency the Deaconess, decided to drop in on a couple of our homeboys, so we hit the QEW runnin' hard, and before long my Garmin GPS had dropped me at the door of Henry of Pelham Estate Winery (established 1988). The winery is actually in St. Catherines, so those of you who only "do Niagara" are gonna miss a great visit. The Speck Boyz, Daniel, Paul and Matthew know how to extend a welcome, and before long, we were eskonst in the tasting room where the pouring began and homegirl Melissa took good care of us.
Now those of you who tune in regular-like, know the Deacon has a thing for Henry of Pelham wines. In fact at an invitation only VQA event last week... that I didn't see any of you at, 'cause newsflash: you weren't invited...I was asked why I never review "certain wineries" or wines. I responded that I don't slag anyone. If I think you're fermenting monkey-water, I just ignore you and I just don't mention you at all. Henry of Pelham makes an excepshunal product though. That's why I keep ravin' about it. At the VQA event I hung around Daniel Speck much of the time, plugging his fine wines when I wasn't signing women's panties.
Well on the day of our visit to the winery, we had a gorgeous 2005 Special Select Late Harvest Vidal. If you like icewine (and if you don't, take a look in a mirror and notice the dik lookin' back at you), you're gonna love this fine product. The nose is fresh Mandarin oranges, soaked in clover honey.
Then we sampled a 2005 Pinot Blanc, which was lite and summery and a good sub for Pinot Grigio in the warm weather.
Best of all was the 99 Cab/Merlot that Danny Boy opened as he sat us down to a fabulous lunch on the patio of the Coach House Cafe. We had fresh salads, and Chef Erik Peacock's wonderful pannini sandwiches of beef and artisinal cheese. But let's talk about that Cab/Merlot. As my more astute readers know, the Deacon's not been really impressed with a lot of what passes as red wine in this province. Notable exsepshuns include Colio and of course Stratus; and to be fair, a lot of really good Cab Franc is coming out of Ontario these days too. But my, my, my... The Speck Boyz have it nailed with this true Bordeaux-style Ontario red! The tannis are chewy and the wine's full of fruit and much more concentrated than most Ontario reds. Look for the 2002 which is selling now and I think goes for about 30 bucks. And while we're on the subject of Henry of Pelham, don't forget to check out their amazing Baco Noir. Daniel Speck knows the Deacon loves this wine, and I can't stop raving about it. (The Deaconess thought she didn't like Baco until she tried this one.) The aftertaste is reminiscent of fine aged cheddar, which it naturally goes with perfectly. It's also the ideal barbecue wine and is a great match with burgers or even pizza.
Daniel took us out in the vineyard and we picked fresh Baco grapes off the vines, savouring the rich fruit flavours. We wandered around in the sun, examining the enormous pickin' machines that come all the way from France, and the rows of grapes that were precision planted using satellite technology. Daniel regaled us with fascinating tales of his family's historin the area, the first Henry of Pelham and the Empire Loyalists, who were some pretty lurch sumbitches! We wandered back into the boutique and purchased some of their great offerings to drink in the car. On the way out, Paul Speck showed up and we discussed AC/DC for awhile, your Deacon showing off his fascinating tattoos.
Daniel took great care of us and we highly recommend the Coach House Cafe for an excellent summer or fall lunch. But it was time to go, as we had another stop to make...
The weather was warm and balmy and we were late for our next appointment, but our host Jonathon "Saskatchewan Brain Boy" Kuhling was forgiving. Peninsula Ridge Estate Winery is located at 5600 King Street West, in Beamsville, and a more picturesque spot would be hard to find anywhere. Sitting on the Beamsville Bench, Pen Ridge is the home to 40 acres of vines and the thermal winds of Lake Ontario hit the escarpment wall, ensuring the plants suffer little in the cold Canadian winter. Jono was in fine spirits and took us for a tour around the property. You just can't imagine the view from this place! On a clear day, you can see the CN Tower across the lake, and the previously mentioned warm breezes from the lake keep the air fresh and clean. We wandered through the plantings past various wildlife including wild boar and tapir, and skirted one of the two ponds on the property. And then it was in to the tasting room to sample Pen Ridge's best offerings. Jono poured himself and the servings were generous and wonderfully relaxing as we prepared for the imminent drive back to Scarlem.
Noteworthy wines included a 2005 Cabernet Rose. This is made in the dry style and would be excellent with turkey sandwiches. Only $14.95 in your LCBO general list.
We especially enjoyed the 2005 Sauvignon Blanc. This wine has wet stone and red grapefruit on the nose with great tropical flavours. This is only $18.95 and a steal, but unfortunately not available at your LCBO...yet.
We also liked an '03 Vintner's Private Reserve Chardonnay that had spent 18 months in oak. If I'm not mistaken, it sells for $42.00, which will cause some of you faint-hearted fainters to feel faint and eventually actually faint.
But I've saved the best for last...Jono Kuhling blew our minds with an unbelievable Cabernet Franc, the likes of which I've never tried. This was a 2001 made with natural yeast. That means whatever yeast is floating around in the atmosphere is permitted to find its way into the vat. Now I could say it was "AWESOME!", but since I don't use that crackerdine word, I'll just say it was "UNBELIEVABLE!" My notes say that it was "Effing amazing!" This is a wild stallion of a Cab Franc, as far from the smooth Stratus offering as you can get. It's so over the top it won't be to everyone's taste, especially if you live in the Triangle. Think of it as bein' 3rd row center for Black Sabbath on a really good night and you get the idea. Quaff this wine while listening to "War Pigs". You won't be dissapointed.
Y'all check out Peninsula Ridge at:
And while you're there, why not fire-off a congrats email to Winemaker of the Year, Jean-Pierre Colas!
Also a reminder to all of my loyal electronic followers that there's another couple of wine books out there that your Deacon approves of; both of them written by babes! Check out Natalie MacLean's newest offering: Red, White and Drunk All over. This is a delicious travelogue of a book, written in Nat's highly approachable style. It covers everything from stemware to regional grapes and is available at Indigo/Chapters. This would be a great gift for the wine fanatic.
Remember too, to pick up a copy of the book by the Deacon's favourite trapeze-swingin' fox, Jennifer "Chotzi" (and you can pronounce that "Hotzi") Rosen. It's called The Cork Jester's Guide to Wine and promises to be another classic. Like Nat MacLean, Chotzi is an award winner, and I loved her last book, Waiter, there's a horse in my wine, which she was classy enough to send me last year. Anyway, check them both out for a double kick in the brain. They may be easy on the eyes, but these dolls know their stuff...
And if you haven't grabbed a copy yet, pick up my homeboy Tony Aspler's exhaustive Wine Atlas of Canada.
Anway, in the next issue, I'll be reviewing my newest fave restaurant where they serve...wait for it...
Indian / Mediterranian fusion!
You heard me.
Deacon Dr. Fresh
Back online so you can be happy again..

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