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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Coyote's Run Does it Again with Killer Pinot Noir!

Yo my dear Homeys and Homegirlz!

I'm sittin' in Deacon Mansion, deep in the heart of Scarlem, drinkin' a glass of the red stuff, listenin' to the warm sound of gunfire outside, and writin' you you, my fanz and consistently overjoyed admirers.

And let's not forget all you overworkin', gerkin jerkin', Beaches livin', Bono worshippin', finger givin', no-parkin', Beemer drivin', roller-bladin' Dickaholix, who still tune in like clockwork, even though you'll never have a chance in hell of understandin' what I'm on about!


I'm here on this reasonably chilly night, to congratulate Jeff and Patti Aubry for yet another great and well-deserved award. It seems that Coyote's Run Estate Winery has done it again. (It was actually Tony Aspler who put your Deacon onto Coyote's Run, back in 2004). A while back your humble Deacon raved about their remarkable Bob Izumi Red. For those of you who don't remember, Coyote's Run is a boutique style winery that makes small batch wines to ensure exsepshunal kwality. Well Jeff Aubry just emailed your humble Deacon to give him a heads up. It seems like Winemaker David Sheppard has coaxed another great wine out of the Heartbreak Grape. Here's the official press release, which you didn't see because you aren't the Deacon and wern't on the official list:

Pinot Noir of the Year awarded to Coyote’s Run for second year in a row!


October 20 2006 – Coyote’s Run Estate Winery has once
again won the prestigious ‘Pinot Noir of the Year’ award at the recently announced 2006
Canadian Wine Awards for their Gold Medal winning 2004 Black Paw Vineyard Pinot
Noir. This is the second year in a row the relatively new winery has claimed this top
award, winning for the 2003 Reserve Pinot Noir in the 2005 Canadian Wine Awards.
“It is quite an honour to win this prestigious award, and we are very excited to win for
the second consecutive time. I think it speaks volumes about the quality of Pinot Noir
from our vineyard, and Niagara in general. This truly is a place to make worldclass
Pinot” said Winemaker David Sheppard.

Yes it is! says the Deacon. Coyote's Run is blessed with 2 types of clay running through their 58 acres, giving 2 different characters to their wines.

You can buy Coyote's Run's amazing wines at the winery shop or order online from:

Check it out homeys! This is a wine that's too good to miss. Your humble Deacon visited Jeff and Patti this summer and sampled a lot of their wares. Their Bob Izumi Red is delectable too.

Buy some! You'll thank me. Just as I am

You heard me.

Great work, and congratulations to Coyote's Run Estate Winery!

...and yes Virginia...there really are coyotes there.

Deacon Dr. Fresh

Huge fan of the Pinot Noir Grape


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