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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This Just in: Szabo Event at Sette Mezzo!

Yo Homeboys and Hoze!

And of course all of you crackermouth, frostbitten, clock windin' DIX who still don't get it...

"Wassup?" to you too!

This just in from my Brother in Tannins, Zoltan "Hungarian 007" Szabo...
An event at Sette Mezzo will be held October 16 at 6:30 PM at 936 Eglinton Ave. West in Toronto, Ontario. Five-course menu of chef Zlatko Maric paired with cutting edge wines.
This affair is to commemorate the recent success of the new wine program at Sette Mezzo for receiving an Award of Excellence. Your host for the evening will be sommelier Zoltan Szabo of Szabo & Szabo Drinks Trade Consultants. The menu includes Organic greens with goat’s cheese and balsamic, duo of Penne Pomodoro and Risotto with saffron, duo of pan seared Tilapia Filet in a Gruner Vetliner lemon and Veal medallions ai Funghi, and by far the best homemade Tiramisu in town with fresh fruit. Two wines will be served to match each course.
Admission is $125 tax & gratuity included. For information, call Sol at 416-781-1717
or e-mail
I'm tellin' y'all...Check this one out! I'd be goin' myself if I wasn't gonna be out of town on business. I've been to lots of Szabo events and they're always Top Effin' Notch! Grab your sweetie and give her a great evening and learn about wine while you're at it. Sette Mezzo is a highly lurch establishment. Say "Wassup?" to Sol and tell him the Deacon sent you.
You heard me.
Deacon Dr. Fresh
Always alignin' with the Hungarians...


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