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Thursday, April 10, 2008

iYellow Wine Club visits the Black Freighter!

Happy Spring, Children of the Vine!

The frickin' snow's finally decided to eff off and the warm sun has returned at last. And with the return of warmth, a woman's heart turns to romance, and a man's mind turns to Boppin' in the Beater!

...and speaking of Boppin' in the Beater, which we are, I gots a really kool interview for y'all with the Deacon's Fave Beater Boppin' Babe of 2008: Italian Foxette, Ange Aiello!

Now I know if you're anything like me, as soon as you think "Italian" your mind turns to other things...but this is a wine blog, so I won't even mention any of the fascinating cultural additions that Italy's given us, like Ferraris, Michelangelo, pizza, vumpio, thrustio, trains that run ontime, and rotting bodies weighted with bricks in plastic bags at the bottom of Lake Ontario with the teeth smashed in and the fingerprints sliced off...

But first the usual rant that so many of you tune in for...

Greetings Boyz and Girlz, and special Yo Wassups to Kirkland Lake's Charlie "Chuck" Waggon, Sir Tony Aspler, Jono Kuhling, John Maxwell, Billy Munnelly, Sadie Darby, and a host of other gracious fanz of the Deacon!

And a hearty "Blow my bagpipe" to all you feather dusting, flag waving, Earth Hour obeying, propagandized, boardwalk strollin', always texting, moronized DIX who give your kids stupid names like Chardonnay and Thaddeus, and sit around moroning in the Bozone, and who've read my blog for years but still sit there with blank expressions and twiddle your thumbs!

Avast peckers! Let the story commence!

It was a sunny day in Pizzaville when the Young Professionals, Ange Aiello and her partner in wine, Paxton Allewell stepped out of their limousine at Queen's Quay and strode up the gangplank of the Black Freighter. Pep frisked them for weapons and wires and went back to his usual spot on the helicopter pad and resumed polishing his blackjack collection and splitting cornflakes with a razorblade. It was warmer than we'd gotten used to, so Paxton and I raised the black silk sails and we slipped smoothly out of our berth next to Captain John's Seafood Restaurant, and headed toward Ward's Island with Adam "The Sadist" Sutherland at the tiller. The brisk breeze was refreshing, and the sun was already over the yard-arm, so I served up a round of Deacon cocktails, which are birdbath sized martini glasses, swirled with Havana Bay Rum and then filled with ice-cold Cave Spring Riesling, and then topped with a few grains of lemon zest.

It was actually a pretty cool discussion. Ange does most of the talking; Paxton adding the odd comment when needed, as your Deacon threw in the usual hilarious lines that largely slipped under the radar.

iYellow Wine Club came into being a couple of years back, when Ange and Paxton, who met in university, decided to fill a niche in the wine industry by providing a wine education / social event service to young professionals, the same way your humble Deacon provides a wine service to society's bottom-feeders, gangstas, pirates and psychotic martial arts freaks. Since then, they've gone on to provide fantastic bus tours to wine country, along with tastings and seminars, in an unpretentious manner - although I think Billy Munnelly owns the word "unpretentious"... Beginning with only 250 members, they've attracted a couple of thousand newbies and show no signs of slowing down. What began as a hobby has become a full-time career move. The thing that makes iYellow Wine Club interesting to many, is that fact that it's free. As a member, you get all the updates about upcoming tours, like their Green Wine Tour. Now I know a lot of my readers will immediately be going "Wha...?" but it isn't some kind of late St. Patrick's Day event. It's a tour of organic winemaking, including stops at Flat Rock, Tawse, and the tiny but beautiful FrogPondFarm. You jump on a bus with about 30 other crackers and Ange and Paxton bring you up to speed on all you're sampling. Now the tours aren't free, but they're very reasonable, and based on how quickly the club's growing, iYellow's doing something right! There are lots of other tours too, including a Celebrity Wine Tour which will be happening in May. You'll get to check out the wines of Mike Weir, Wayne Gretsky and Dan Akroyd, although you don't get to go into their houses and snoop through their closets. They also do Naked Wine Tastings...but you'll have to check with them on that one...

Here's a recent story on Ange and Pax on CBC. Check it out. Also be sure you check out their website and join the club! You'll find out there's more to clubbing then waiting in line outside a bar or crackin' some moron over the head with an ASP tactical baton. There's a whole world of wine out there to explore, and the iYellow Wine Club will be happy to show it to you!

Here's their website. Tell them the Deacon sent you, and they'll give you a free membership. (Yes, I'm a comic genius!)

The wind died down on the leeward side of Ward's Island and we dropped the sails and engaged the twin 500 horsepower Pratt and Whitney turbines and pulling hard to port, headed back north. I asked Ange and Paxton who they'd fight in the Octagon. They seemed puzzled at first, but finally decided they'd like to fight...
each other....Calling Dr. Freud!!!

So thanks to the iYellow Wine Club for the interview. Ange and Paxton will be hosting the 2008 Ontario Wine Awards in Niagara on the Lake, and tickets are still available! Y'all go check them out.

Deacon Dr. Fresh
Always supportin' the homeys...

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