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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Pillitteri Estates Winery Wins North America's Only Medal!

DIJON, FRANCE/Niagara-on-the-Lake - Pillitteri Estates Winery is proud to announce it was awarded North America's only medal at this year’s Effervescents du Monde, an international wine competition recognizing the best sparkling wines in the world. Pillitteri won a rare Grand Gold Medal for its 2004 Vidal Sparkling Icewine, the Effervescents du Monde’s highest honour.

Le Castel Culinary School located in Dijon, France, the heart of Burgundy’s premier wine region, was the setting for this prestigious competition on November 17th and 18th. The International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) sanctioned competition included 60 international expert judges tasting 335 sparkling wines representing 22 countries. After two days of judging, only 3 Grand Gold Medals were awarded. Pillitteri was the only Canadian winery to receive the distinguished honour of Grand Gold and was the only winery from North America to win a medal. France took the other two Grand Gold medals.

Sparkling Icewine is a new style of Icewine pioneered in Canada currently produced by only three wineries in the world. The "Methode Cuvée Close" sparkling wine vinification technique is employed whereby carbon dioxide from the fermentation is retained in the wine. The result is a decadent, rich sparkling dessert wine full of tropical fruit flavours, with tiny effervescent, vibrant acidity, and luscious sweetness.

“Another prominent award from an esteemed international competition continues to reinforce this innovative style of wine created and mastered in Canada” said Winemaster Sue-Ann Staff. The ‘2002 Ontario Winemaker of the Year’ adds, “Continued excellence and presence with Sparkling Icewine at all international venues will stamp this Canadian’s creation into an acclaimed international wine style”. Pillitteri has won numerous accolades for their Sparkling Icewine further sustaining and strengthening Canada’s image abroad as a producer of high quality wines and ability to compete on the world stage. Pillitteri has brought home seven medals for their Sparkling Icewines at prestigious competitions such as Decanter World Wine Awards (UK), and the International Wine & Spirits Competition (UK).

Pillitteri Estates Winery is a family owned and operated business founded in 1993 situated on 53 acres of vineyards in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Since its short inception the winery has experienced tremendous growth and has established itself as a leader in the industry. It currently exports to 25 countries and is the largest estate producer of Icewine in the world. Pillitteri has won over 400 international and domestic awards, reflecting on the winery’s commitment to producing premium VQA wines.

Congratulations Sue-Ann Staff! You be lurch!

Me and Billy Munnelly will be droppin' in on December 2nd for a tasting! Get ready Homegirl.

You heard me.

Deacon Dr. Fresh
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the fak is this?! I'm sent some mundane tast from my working overlord...presumably to trak down the next great thing in Zweitgelt or however the hell you spell it...and to my suprise I find the pontifications of the Ali G of wine. This is gude shyte man. Now Ive only delved so deep into the Deacon's tomb, but had to stop to tell you to drop on by Niagara's only true renegade outpost of eats - the Stone Road Grille. Billy's a believer already. All VQA, all good times, all the time. Long lost brothers in arms deserve a night of revelry once and a while - Ill bust out some 93 Baco or Niagara Nebiolo - you know something traditional from the area to ponder over but mostly just gulp. Lemme know when you are gracing the area again, Cheers, Jesse Harnden - sommelier or "wine guy" of REST. Believe the hype.

12:11 PM  

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