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Thursday, November 24, 2005

VQA and Christmas Presents

Greetings All and Sundry!

I'm writin' this to alert you to a developing problem. There've been 2 bad winters in Ontario which have decimated the vines in both Niagara and Prince Edward County. In order to survive, wineries are forced to import nasty crackerpecker foreign products and blend them with a small quantity of "Canadian" wine. In the case of Ontario's excellent VQA wines, the wineries are prohibited by law from adulterating the product, but have to raise the price of wine to compensate for smaller crops. (I've written about all of this before, if any of you peckerwoods have actually listened.) So here's the problem: A lot of wine-bibbers are going to the watered-down plonk to save money, or buying entirely foreign wines from both the Old World and the New. Now the Deacon understands the need to cut corners here and there to get by. My readers know, I like the traditional style Burgundies and the heavy-duty, kick in the crotch Shiraz from Down Under. Nevertheless, it's time to support our wineries through this difficult time; especially since the frickin snow is back already! Who knows whether we're headed for another peckerjank winter like the last 2 years? It could be bad. So here's the plan, Stan: When you head out to the LCBO, remember to support our VQA wines by buying wines with the Ontario VQA label, despite the lower price of the foreign product. Our 100% Ontario wines make great Christmas presents, and enable us to experience a consistent rise in the quality of Ontario's best.
You heard me.
Deacon Dr. Fresh
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