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Monday, January 16, 2006

Deacon to Attend Bordeaux Event!

Yo Crackers! Ssssssup?
Your humble Deacon here with the first update of 2006! My malebag's been full and everyone wants to know what the Deacon's been up to over the last few weeks...
I been knockin' back the good stuff, as well as the occasional bottle of monkeyjank swill.
Anyway, the visitin' and winebibbin' has been an ongoing concern; last night being no eksepshun!
The Deaconess and Yours Truly just spent an excellent evening at the domicile of the ultra-lurch Billy Munnelly and his partner in crime, Kato. The whole thing began at 7 PM at Southern Accent, a red-hot and highly lurch watering-hole and N'Orleans style restaurant on Markham Street. (That's Markham Street, not Markham Road to you crackerwaters that live in Scarlem...I mean Scarborough.) Anyway, we began the visit under the watchful eye of the proprietess Frances, who plied us with sparkling wine, followed by Pinot Grigio; a perfect match for the crisp calamari and raw oysters that followed. Y'all gotta check out this place! It's at 595 Markham Street right near Bloor and Bathurst. We're talkin' atmosphere with a capital "AT"! I aint gonna say nothin' beyond: check it out. It is authentic Loozianna; Frances just back from helpin' out in storm hammered New Orleans. Her restaurant's got everything from authentic decor, attentive staff, romantic and spooky little velvet booths, to great blues and even psychics onhand in case y'all wanna get possessed! It's certainly the best slice of N'Orleans your Deacon's encountered this side of Bourbon Street.
So from there we walked to Billy and Kato's pad where they opened about 15 more bottles of wine, served with delicious chicken with fruit and an amazing pomegranate sprinkled salad. I actually got to slice the pomegranate and show off my skill with a blade! We got into some heavy philosophical stuff; in the end we agreed to disagree. I remember lookin' at my Rolex and seeing 10:20. Then a few minutes later it was quarter to one! It was a great time and we sure appreciate their hospitality. How many other "wine-writers" will take the chance on permitting the Deacon to invade their personal space? None of them, Cracker! Billy and Kato even walked us out to Bloor through the freezing, lamp-lit streets of their hood, where we wisely grabbed a cab home to Fresh Manor. Thanks Billy and Kato. You are wonderful people!
So tonight, your humble Deacon will be attending an invitation only Canada vs. Bordeaux event at the mega-lurch Ontario Club. Sadie Darby of the Wine Writer's Circle was kind enough to give me an invite and I'll be crankin' the candy apple Caddy down to King and Bay for the festivities. I'm hopin' to see some of my homies there, like Zoltan and John Szabo and the Swayin' Sommelier Peter Boyd, who's CD I'll be reviewing in a few days. It should be a blast, and if they have an Octagon set up, I might get to neck-crank some mofos!
You heard me.
Deacon Dr. Fresh
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