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Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanks Daniel! Now let's hear from the rest of the Ontario Wineries...

Yo Homeys, Homettes, Crackers and Jankbucket Mofos!

If you bin following the Deacon's wrecent writings (Yes, the typo's on purpose, Cracker! It's supposed to be funny.) You know there's been some concern regarding the size of the Ontario grape harvest after 2 particularly piggish winters. I urged our loyal readers to buy VQA wines this Christmas, even if they turn out to be more expensive than imported products, to give our wineries the support they need.
Well this just in:
"Hi Deacon,

I just wanted to get the good word out to you—

Saw your article on the short-crop. One bright spot in the 2005 vintage was the EXCELLENT quality due to the very long season. In our case we were very lucky in another way. We grow 65% of our own fruit and buy the rest from a handful of the best growers in Niagara. These sites are well protected from winter kill as they’re mostly on the various Benchlands or near the lakeshore (it’s warmer in these two places). We also have vineyard fans which pull down warm air from 100 ft up, moderating the temperature in the winter. About 95% of what we make are the varietals Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc based Meritage blends, Baco Noir and Gamay – all early ripening, winter hardy and quickly becoming Ontario’s specialties. From these few grapes Ontario makes aromatic or full bodied whites, delicate or full flavoured reds, rose, sparkling and dessert wines quite consistently. Because Ontario makes many barrel worthy and age worthy wines we often have an inventory in the pipe (no pun intended) to draw on.

These factors meant that this year Henry of Pelham was fortunate enough to have an 80% crop. We will continue to be 100% VQA Niagara grown and the wines will maintain their usual excellent value for money."

Daniel Speck
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery
Thanks for the good news, Danno!
Now let's hear from the rest of the Ontario Wineries...
Deacon Dr. Fresh
Because the Truth is Out There...


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