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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy New Year from The Deacon!!!

Pontifical Greetings on the approaching and encroaching Eve of 2007! I invoke the spirit of Henry Morgan and by the cutlass of Blackbeard and in the blood-spattered name of Calico Jack, I greet you!

To my fanz and adoring minions, I assure you of my warm regard, gentle menace and continued presence in your electronic midst, and I swear by the towering granite of Gormenghast to be your Captain Courageous , your Master at Arms and North Star Navigator through the cruel unseen reefs and rogue waves of January and beyond!

To my loyal Pirate Crue, the Legion of Lurch, we shall rendezvous this eve at the appointed watering hole to imbibe grog and feast on rich meats, and then sally forth to the UFC event, as we board the Black Freighter and sail Beachward to the port of Cookestown.

And to all the rest of you scurvy, shilly-shallying, passive-aggressive, astrolabe wielding, plank-walking, groat clusters:

Bite me crank!

Happy New Year

Deacon Dr. Fresh

Sailing under a Black Flag


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