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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Stratus Winery Again!

The Status of Stratus Cabernet Franc!

Greetings All and Sundry:

My mailbag is fillin' up with questions and kind comments, including an update from the Deacon's favourite winery, Stratus. As many of you who are sober enough to recall will recall, the Deacon wrote an highly favourable review of Stratus Winery and wines that can still be found in the archives of this extremely lurch blog. I wrote a few weeks back of my visit to Stratus and how I was literally blown away by the high-end surroundings and attentive staff that were only surpassed by genius winemaker J.L. Groux's incredible wines. You want a definition? Stratus is lurch!

In that article, your humble Deacon of the Grape waxed poetic about Stratus' amazing 2001 Cabernet Franc! As many of my loyal readers know, the Deacon is highly enamoured of Cabernet Franc, which often gets bypassed like an ugly ho by the mofos and cracker-heads who are so addicted to extraction-rich Cabernet Sauvignon that they miss the charm of its legitimate daddy-grape.

Here's what I said about Stratus 2001 Cab Franc:

This luscious red is everything a Cab Franc should be. It's layered with warmth, sweet bell-peppers, a hint of the forest floor, touches of thuja and mouth-filling berries. I can't imagine what this would be like decanted for an hour. The tannins are firm but unobtrusive, and show wonderful aging potential, although the wine would go great right now with barbecued lamb skewers. I think it ran me about 32 bucks and will prove to be worth every damn cent! It's probably the best Cab Franc I've ever tried.

Suzanne Janke, Director of Hospitality and Retail at Stratus winery just gave me this update:

"Hello Deacon Dr. Fresh:

I just thought that you would be interested to know that we are down to the last five cases of Cabernet Franc, 2001 but that the 2002 will be released through Vintages this December. They will only have 28 cases for the province, but it might be of interest to some of the folks you got wound up about the wine!"

So climb aboard, my oenophilic friends. Order some of the 2001 while you still can. And don't miss the next crop of this fine Cab Franc, coming soon to a Vintages near you!

Here's the Stratus URL:

Do not miss this spectacular red! Based on the 2001, I have high hopes for the 2002 as well!Make sure you check back soon for the Deacon's Best Picks of 2005. Remember too my Wine Fight with Robert "Nosey" Parker coming up on November 19th!

You heard me.

Deacon Dr. Fresh


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