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Monday, April 16, 2007

The Deacon Lunches at Midi Bistro!

Yo Fanz and Foze!

Only 5 days to the Ontario Wine Awards at the Ultra-Lurch Queen's Landing, and your humble Deacon's first Official Event!

So many of y'all have written to me, tryin' to get free tickets to the event of the decade that your Deacon has been forced to delete screens full of pleading emails unread, just to save time.

Anyway, y'all are here, so Wassup?

...And lest we forget to greet all of you Birkenstock wearing, salamander shankin', lobe-finned, coelacanth cookin', blister water, triple-parked DIX who aint got a frickin' clue what I'm on about, but return again and again and again and again!

Toast my baguette!

Anyway, I wanted to give a plug to a really lurch little restaurant, namely Midi Bistro at 168 McCaul Street. I went there for lunch last week with Peninsula Ridge Estate Winery's Saskatchewan Brain Boy, Jono Kuhling. It was difficult to get there ontime, as the Black Freighter kept getting mired in the construction on Dundas Street and I had to pull the sails down and switch on the twin 500 horsepower Pratt and Whitney turbine engines. We made pretty good speed and drove the construction workers, who were laying streetcar tracks, out of our path with a blast over their bows. Hilarious to see the peckers run :)

Cannons are AWESOME!

Midi Bistro is a very lurch little establishment. Jono ordered for us, and we had French style ploughman's lunches, consisting of super-fresh salads with grated cheese, tiny pickles, bread, and some of the best pate this side of Paris, all washed down with some 2005 Peninsula Ridge Inox Chardonnay that was as perfect a combo as you can imagine. Salad's hard to match with any wine, but Jono got it right. The place is very cozy too, expeshully on a rainy afternoon, and has picked up the ambience of a truly French bistro without going overboard. You know how you can try too hard, the way some "English pubs" are full of Tiffany lamps and brass and resident dix? Well Midi Bistro doesn't try at all. They effortlessly succeed. The service was prompt and I'd love to check it out for dinner some night with the Deaconess, on the frickin' house of course!

I reached for my Amex Black Card, but Jono paid and wouldn't let me participate. Thanks Jono. You be lurch!

Y'all check it out at this link: Midi Bistro

Tell them the Deacon sent you. You won't be dissapointed in the food or service and the babe you're with will be suitably impressed so you can go back to her place and spend the rest of the evenin' boppin' in the beater!

Here's Peninsula Ridge's link. Y'all check them out too.

You heard me.

Deacon Dr. Fresh

Always stuffin' his face for the sake of culture...


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