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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Foreign Grapes In Ontario Wine?

I’ve received some alarmed emails regarding the Government of Ontario’s recent move to permit larger quantities of imported grapes in “Ontario” wines. It’s not an urban rumour, this is quite true. But don’t panic just yet...

Ontario has over 500 grape growers, many of whom have had their vines decimated by the cold snap last January. The good news is: the grapes that have survived are excellent, due to the summer heat wave. The bad news is: there aren’t many of them. Production is way down from an average crop of over 45,000 tonnes to less than 20,000 tonnes this year. Losses could be in excess of over $100 Million. This means that new and “temporary regulations” (anyone remember the GST?) will permit wines with only 1% actual Ontario grapes; the rest being those nasty foreign grapes.

Well I said don’t panic just yet...I totally agree with the Ontario Government safeguarding our precious wineries during their inchoate phase. As long as we know what we’re getting. The good news is, if you purchase an Ontario wine with the VQA label (Vintner’s Quality Alliance) you’ll be getting nothing but the real deal – 100% Ontario grown grapes.

So don’t panic. Yet...

Deacon Dr. Fresh


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