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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kudos to Billy Munnelly!

Greetings All and Sundry!
Always glad to Gonzofy your days, spreading joy, good cheer and brilliance, while simultaneously ("at the same time" for all you Skidoo Surfers in Keswick) ...I digress...

...while simultaneously stupefying all of you gluten-headed inhabitants of the bozone. And now the full-bore compulsory stream of consciousness rant:

And a special bodkin jab at all you television entranced Justin Bieber fanz, with your Mr. Sulu flashing Bluetooth brain cancer ear-plugs, and your "routine" colonoscopies, and your kids with names like Detrius, Merlot, Champion, and Effluvia...

Mangez my Montreal smoked meat!!!

Now to business...For those of you who live in the world of humans and conversations instead of pixels and texts, there's an important bit of breaking news: My homie and mentor galore, His Lurchness, Billy Munnelly just got a major award, and no, it's not a lamp shaped like a woman's leg...

At a recent VQA Awards Ceremony, known as Cuvee, Billy was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award, and nobody deserves it more. Here's just a portion of what Stratus' Uber-Cool Charles Baker said:

"Billy has for decades understood the true terroir of Ontario vineyards. He has championed authentic, local, transparent, wines. There is another side to him that many of us in the business are grateful to him for – he includes people in his terroir - the winemakers, grape growers,  owners, retail staff and yes even that lowliest of low – the sales rep all fit into his world. There are many of us in this room who feel that our careers are richer and more authentic because of his dedication to the vine."

Amen to that, Chuck!
And be sure to check out Billy's Best Bottles iPod app, as seen in the picture, onsale at the iTunes store. For less than three bucks, you'll get a personal wine adviser and cut through all the crap and deconstructionist bull pizzle. I bought it, and am damn glad I did!

Way to go, Billy!

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